2nd Division Group 2

During the actual season in 2nd Division Group 2 these soccer clubs will take part in event: Fram Larvik, Grorud IL, Oppsal IF, Senja FK, Elverum, Alta IF, Mjolner FK, Floro, Baerum SK, Asker, Aasane Fotball, Kjelsaas, Sotra SK, Odds BK 2

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This tournament starts at 13 April, the final round of the 2ndDG 2, 2019 will be played at 27 October, .

The full list of stadiums where clashes will be played: Myrdal Stadion, Finnmarkshallen, Foyka Stadion, Fram Stadion, Sandvika stadion, Floro stadion, Grefsen stadion, Grorud Stadion, Narvik Stadion, Elverum Stadion, Skagerak Arena, Islandbotn

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2nd Division Group 2 Table

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