Promotion d'Honneur

During the actual season in Promotion d'Honneur these soccer clubs will take part in tournament: FC Rodange 91, Jeunesse Junglinster, FC Mamer 32, CS Muhlenbach/Lusitanos, US Sandweiler, US Esch, Union Mertert/Wasserbillig, Atert Bissen, FC Koeppchen Wormeldange, FC Jeunesse Canach, FC Erpeldange 72, FC Wiltz 71, Un Kaerjeng 97, Swift Hesperange

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This competition starts at 19 August, the final round of the PdH 18/19 will be played at 20 May, .

The full list of stadiums where clashes will be played: An Der Trell, Terrain Route de Luxembourg, Käerjenger Dribbel, Stade Francois Trausch, Stade Am Ga, Stade Alphonse Theis, Zone d'activite lankhelz, Stade Géitz, Stade Joseph Philippart, Stade Rue de Lenningen, Stade Mathias Mamer, Stade Norbert Hubsch

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Promotion d'Honneur Table

League rounds

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