During ongoing season in 1.Liga these soccer clubs will take part in competition: BFC Daugavpils, SK Super Nova, Staiceles Bebri, RTU FC, FK Smiltene, JDFS Alberts, Balvu Sports Center, SC Grobina, FK Rezekne/BJSS, Preilu BJSS, FK Tukums 2000/TSS, FK Auda

On this page fans can compare the latest 1.Liga news, 1.Liga standings and 1.Liga matches.

This tournament begins at 21 April, the final round of the 1.L 2018 will be played at 30 November, .

The full list of stadiums where matches will be played: Celtnieks, Tukuma pilsetas stadions, RTU Stadium, Sporta Agenturas Stadions, JDF Alberts Stadion, Preilu stadions, Tepera Stadions, Kekavas Stadions, Treninu Centrs Staicele, Grobina Stadium

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1.Liga Table

League rounds

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