3rd League, Group 5

During active season in 3rd League, Group 5 these clubs will show their skills in competition: Ampelakiakos, AO Paleochora FC, AE Neapolis, APO Keratsini, Ethnikos Piraeus, Aeek Synka, Giouchtas, Atromitos Peiraia, Episkopi FC, O F Ierapetras, Panathlitikos Omililos Atsaleniou, Proodeftiki FC, Ionikos Nikea FC

On this page soccer lovers can see the latest 3rd League, Group 5 news, 3rd League, Group 5 table and 3rd League, Group 5 matches.

This event starts at 28 September, the final round of the 3rdLG 5 18/19 will be at 15 April, .

The full list of stadiums where clashes will be played: Rentis Stadium Stavros Melissourgos, Neapoli Stadium, Dimotiko Gipedo Episkopis, National Archanes Stadium Markomichelakio, Atsalenios Stadium

. You can find 3rd League, Group 5 livescore in few tabs.

3rd League, Group 5 Table

League rounds

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