Oberliga Niedersachsen

During active season in Oberliga Niedersachsen these clubs will show their class in competition: FC Hagen / Uthlede, Atlas Delmenhorst, Hannoverscher SC, TUS Bersenbruck, Heeslinger SC, SC Spelle-Venhaus, FC Wunstorf, TB Uphusen, MTV Wolfenbuttel, VfL Oythe, Eintracht Northeim, VfV Hildesheim, MTV Gifhorn, Eintracht Braunschweig II, BV Cloppenburg, Arminia Hannover

On this page soccer lovers can see the latest Oberliga Niedersachsen news, Oberliga Niedersachsen livescore and Oberliga Niedersachsen schedule.

This event begins at 10 August, the final round of the ON 18/19 will be played at 19 May, .

The full list of stadiums where matches will be played: HSC-Stadion, Turnerbund Uphusen, Gustav-Wegner-Stadion, Hase Stadion, Friedrich-Ebert-Stadion, Barne-Arena, Waldstadion, Getränke Hoffmann Stadion, TimePartner Arena, Rheingoldarena, GWG-Stadion

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Oberliga Niedersachsen Table

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