Oberliga Niederrhein

During this season in Oberliga Niederrhein these soccer clubs will show their class in event: SC Velbert, SC Union Nettetal, 1.FC Monheim, FSV Duisburg, SpVg Schonnebeck 1910, SC Duesseldorf West, VFB 03 Hilden, Ratingen SV Germania 04/19, TSV Meerbusch, Dinslaken-Hiesfeld, Sportfreunde Baumberg, SW Essen, FC Bocholt 1900, VfB Speldorf, VfB Homberg, Turu Dusseldorf, SSVg Velbert, 1 FC Kleve

On this page you can read the latest Oberliga Niederrhein news, Oberliga Niederrhein table and Oberliga Niederrhein matches.

This event begins at 12 August, the final round of the ON 18/19 will be started at 3 June, .

The full list of stadiums where matches will be played: Stadion am Freibad, Christopeit Sport Arena, Ratinger Stadion, Stadion Uhlenkrug, MEGA-Stadion, Sportplatz Bosinghoven, BZA SchorlemerstraƟe, Stadion am Hunting, Stadion an der Feuerbachstrasse, Sportplatz Hoffeldstrasse, BZA Schetters Busch

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Oberliga Niederrhein Table

League rounds

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