Oberliga BW

During the actual season in Oberliga BW these soccer clubs will show their class in competition: 1. FC Pforzheim 1896, SV Linx, TSG Backnang, Goeppinger SV, TSV Ilshofen, Germania Friedrichstal, SV Oberachern, FV Ravensburg, Neckarsulm, FSV 08 Bissingen, SV Spielberg, FC 08 Villingen, 1 FC Normannia Schwabisch Gmund, FC Nottingen, Stuttgarter Kickers, SGV Freiberg, Bahlinger SC, SSV Reutlingen

On this page soccer lovers can see the latest Oberliga BW news, Oberliga BW table and Oberliga BW fixtures.

This tournament begins at 10 August, the final round of the OBW 18/19 will be played at 31 May, .

The actual list of stadiums where battles will be played: Sportgelande am Bruchwald, Stadion an der Kreuzeiche, Jahnstadion, Stutensee-Stadion, Wasenstadion, Sportgelaende Piterich, Stadion Hohenstaufenstraße, Wiesentalstadion, Friedengrundstadion, Bechtle Stadion, Kaiserstuhlstadion, Panoramastadion, Stadion im Brötzinger Tal, Waldsportplatz Oberachern, Gazi-Stadion a. d. Waldau

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Oberliga BW Table

League rounds

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