Bayernliga North

During this season in Bayernliga North these soccer clubs will play in competition: TSV Abtswind, ATSV 1898 Erlangen, ASV Vach, DJK Gebenbach, FC Wurzburger Kickers II, DJK Ammerthal, 1 FC Sand, ASV Neumarkt, DJK Don Bosco Bamberg, Jahn Forchheim, TSV Aubstadt, SC Eltersdorf, FSV Erlangen-Bruck, SV Seligenporten, TSV Grossbardorf, Wurzburger FV, Bayern Hof, SpVgg Ansbach

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This league starts at 12 July, the final round of the BN 18/19 will be started at 10 June, .

The actual list of stadiums where clashes will be played: Grüne Au, ASV Sportzentrum, MAR-Arena, Flyeralarm Arena, Sportheim Aubstadt, Sportanlage Erlangen-Bruck, Sportgelande Purschlager Weg, Sportanlage SC Eltersdorf‎, Seestadion, Rudi-Ziegler-Sportanlage, Sepp-Endres-Sportanlage, PIGROL-Sportpark, Jahn-Stadion, TSV-Sportpark

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Bayernliga North Table

League rounds

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