Winter League

During ongoing season in Winter League these teams will take part in competition: FK Mlada Boleslav, 1 FK Pribram, SK Slovan Bratislava, FK Jablonec, 1.SK Prostejov, FK Poprad, Afk Chrudim, FC Sellier & Bellot Vlasim, 1 SC Znojmo FK, FK Varnsdorf, Mas Taborsko, FC Nitra, FK Usti Nad Labem, 1. FC Tatran Presov, Pardubice, FC Hradec Kralove, Zbrojovka Brno, FC Banik Ostrava

On this page you can see the latest Winter League news, Winter League standings and Winter League matches.

This competition begins at 5 January, the final round of the WL 2019 will be at 22 January, .

The full list of stadiums where battles will be played: Vsesportovni Stadion, Stadion Kollarova, Mestsky Stadion, Stadion Na Litavce, Pod Vinici, Stadion Strelnice, Stadion Za Vodojemem, Mestsky stadion v Kotline, Mestsky Stadion, Mestsky Fotbalovy Stadion Srbska, Stadion pod Zoborom, Stadion Soukenik, Stadion 1. SK Prostejov, Stadion Tatran, Mestsky stadion(Ostrava-Vítkovice), NTC Poprad, Mestsky Stadion

. You can find Winter League livescore in few tabs.

Winter League Table

League rounds

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