Campeonato Alagoano

During active season in Campeonato Alagoano these fc will show their skills in tournament: Jacyoba AC AL, Dimensao Saude, CEO AL, Murici AL, CRB AL, Coruripe AL, ASA AL, CSA AL

On this page fans can see the latest Campeonato Alagoano news, Campeonato Alagoano standings and Campeonato Alagoano matches.

This tournament starts at 19 January, the final round of the CA 2019 will be played at 8 April, .

The full list of stadiums where matches will be played: Fumeirao, Estadio Rei Pele, Gerson Amaral, Estadio Gustavo Paiva

. You can find Campeonato Alagoano livescore in few tabs.

Campeonato Alagoano Table

League rounds

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