2. Liga

During this season in 2. Liga these fc will show their class in tournament: SV Lafnitz, SK Austria Klagenfurt, FC Wacker Innsbruck II, SK Vorwarts Steyr, SC Wiener Neustadt, FC Liefering, Floridsdorfer AC, SKU Ertl Glas Amstetten, WSG Wattens, BW Linz, SV Horn, Young Violets FK Austria Wien, Kapfenberger SV 1919, SC Austria Lustenau, FC Juniors OO, SV Ried

On this page fans can see the latest 2. Liga news, 2. Liga table and 2. Liga matches.

This event begins at 27 July, the final round of the 2.L 18/19 will be at 2 June, .

The full list of stadiums where matches will be played: Gernot-Langes-Stadion, Franz-Fekete-Stadion, Stadion Wiener Neustadt, Ertl Glas-Stadion, Worthersee Stadion, TGW Arena, S.I.S. Arena, Waldviertler Volksbank Arena, Josko Arena, Planet Pure Stadion, Stadion der Stadt Linz, Red Bull Arena, Tivoli Stadion, FuƟballarena Lafnitz, Hauptfeld Akademie Austria Wien, FAC-Platz, DAS.GOLDBERG Stadion, Generali Arena, Tivoli Stadion Tirol

. You can find 2. Liga livescore in few tabs.

2. Liga Table

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