Serie D, Girone I

During the actual season in Serie D, Girone I these soccer teams will take part in tournament: Rotonda Calcio, AC Locri 1909, Asd Calcio Cittanovese, Asd Portici 1906, Asd Troina Calcio, Asd Sancataldese Calcio, US Castrovillari Calcio, US Palmese 1912, Marsala Calcio, Asd Roccella, Ssd Citta Di Messina, Asd Turris Calcio, Ssd Acireale Calcio 1946, Asd Nocerina 1910, Igea Virtus Barcellona, Ssd Citta Di Gela, Acr Messina, SSC Bari

On this page soccer fans can compare the latest Serie D, Girone I news, Serie D, Girone I standings and Serie D, Girone I fixtures.

This competition begins at 15 September, the final round of the SDGI 18/19 will be started at 10 June, .

The actual list of stadiums where matches will be played: San Filippo, Stadio San Francesco d'Assisi, San Nicola, Stadio Giovanni Celeste, Stadio Amerigo Liguori

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