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Redskins Win an Ugly One in Philly and Dallas Week is Here

December 27th, 2012 at 11:30 AM
By Josh McCain

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First and foremost I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukah I hope you and your family enjoyed your time together and you got everything you wanted, me I got an RG3 jersey from my parents so that's awesome.

Well this past Sunday the Redskins won a squeaker against the hated Philadelphia Eagles in what could have been a trap game. With the exception of a few franchises out there when a team goes on a tear like the Redskins have there is usually a point where they let you down against an inferior opponent and for the Skins that opponent seems to have always resided in the NFC East.

Andy Reid, know that it was his last home game in Philly, showed the NFL that he finally didn't give crap and went for it on two consecutive fourth downs on the opening drive. Of course the Eagles were successful on both and drove down the field to score an easy touchdown. This of course gave me an uneasy feeling because the hapless Eagles made that drive look so easy.

The Skins punted and on  their second drive the Eagles looked like they were well on their way to going up 14-0 when linebacker Ryan Kerrigan kicked it into over drive and blew by his blocker. Quarterback Nick Foles initially alluded Kerrigan but Kerrigan kept on him and stripped the ball. This spelled the beginning of the end for the Eagles as it seemed that the rookie inexperience of Foles would show up through out the second half and on the final play of the game when Stephen Bowen had Foles in his grasp and Foles intentionally grounded the ball with one second on the clock causing a ten second run off and a seven point win for the Skins.

It was a nerve-racking game that once again showed the holes in our defense, holes the Dallas Cowboys can exploit with their array of weapons.

Before I get into Sunday nights game the Skins could be play-off bound before the take the field. If the Bears (who play the Lions) and the Vikings (who play the Packers) both lose the Skins are in regardless of the out come, but if just one of those teams wins then it's the NFC East Title or bust for both Sunday Night participants.

I'll admit it Skins' fans, as excited I am for Sunday Night's game I'm also nervous. Sure on Thanksgiving Day our offense came out and buried the Cowboys but then I think about the second half and how it looked like we couldn't play defense to save our lives and since that first half on Thanksgiving, Tony Romo has played like a man possessed. He hasn't made the typical "Romo Mistakes" he usually makes late in the season with the Cowboys play-off push on the line. Romo has done well under the pressure and three weeks in a row now has lead fourth quarter comebacks. Also the way Dez Bryant has played the last two weeks also scares me considering our secondary, he's starting to look like the wide receiver the Cowboys thought they were drafting.

The key to this game is going to be getting pressure on Romo and I don't mean chasing him forever in the backfield like we seem to do. I mean hitting him within three seconds of the snap. Giving him time or allowing him to scramble is going to be devastating for our secondary who at times got carved up by Foles last Sunday when he bought himself some time with his feet. Romo's rump needs to be planted firmly on the Fed Ex Field turf often on Sunday Night and the Skins need to get out to an early lead to make the Cowboys one dimensional. Our defense seems to play better when they know what's coming at them. If they have to guess between run and pass our safeties don't seem to do well and get burned on the play action pass.

In our offense I trust, no matter what I expect Robert Griffin III and company to keep up the pace with the Cowboys, my only question is with the game on the line can the secondary shut down the rejuvenated Cowboys offense or will we see more late game heroics by Tony Romo and company?

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