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The Redskins at St. Louis is an Extreme Example of the NFL Needing to Bring Back the Regular Officials

September 18th, 2012 at 9:51 AM
By Josh McCain

' Josh Morgan' photo (c) 2012, Keith Allison - license: Unlike some folks out there I'm not going to blame the Redskins 31-28 loss to the Rams on the officials. The officiating on both sides was horrendous. However, I will say the outcome would have been completely different had the regular NFL Refs were overseeing this game.

For one thing all of the cheap shots and scuffles were brewing because of terrible late hit calls and non-calls. If the regular refs were overseeing this game most of the nonsense that took place between plays wouldn't have happened. Calls would have been more consistent and cooler heads would have prevailed.

Does that all mean a Washington win? Really, who is to say. It wasn't the officials' fault that the Redskins couldn't cover Danny Amendola and the Skins defensive line was Swiss Cheese in the second half. So the Rams could have very well come out on top, however the Josh Morgan penalty at the end of the game probably wouldn't have happened because the game wouldn't have been as dirty as it was. I'm not excusing Morgan for his stupidity, in fact if I'm either Shanahan Sr. or Jr. I'm benching Morgan for at least one week, shoot instead of calling it a benching I might suspend him without pay so the rest of my team gets the message that incidents on the field like that won't be tolerated.

Speaking of incidents on the field that shouldn't be tolerated NFL Commissioner Rodger Gooddell needs to take a long hard look at the game film from this pass Sunday, not just to see how the replacement refs literally ruined a game with there terrible mistakes, but also how Jeff Fisher's team (the same Jeff Fisher who over looked Greg Williams' bounties in Tennessee and rehired him in St. Louis) was taking advantage of the lack of calls. There were constant hits, bumps, blocks, and cheap shots after the whistle on almost every play and pretty much the only time we saw a flag was on Morgan at the end. By the second quarter the officials had lost control and anarchy reigned. This isn't to say the Redskins didn't get out of hand, DeAngelo Hall did a lot of chirping but overall the Rams were playing dirtier then any Raider team of the 70's.

I was on the fence with the whole replacement ref thing, in fact my exact words were, "How bad could they really be?" Well I saw just how bad they could be and sadly I'm now thinking it could get worse. The NFL needs to work out a deal and do it quickly because I only watched the Rams vs Redskins game because of my loyalty to the Skins but I didn't watch any other football after that. I think a lot of players are going to look at this game and see the lack of calls and realize short of pulling a gun and shooting an opposing player at midfield in front of everyone they can pretty much get away with anything and test the boundaries. The game is going to get dirtier and players (marque ones) are going to get hurt. For a league claiming to be all about player safety they sure are letting a huge lynch pin in safety go by the wayside to save a few bucks on the ref's pension.

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