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Donovan McNabb Embarrasses Himself Talking Washington Redskins

March 30th, 2012 at 7:26 PM
By Justin Fiore

What an embarrassing way for Donovan McNabb to end his a career; traded in division—for a second and third round draft pick—only to be benched for Rex Grossman, of all people. He was benched again by the Vikings, for Christian Ponder the following season. And now he feels the need to come out and talk badly about a highly respected coach, while he entertains no known job offers.

Is that how he expects to find work in the NFL?

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner said it best;

"Consider this: Over the past two days, McNabb has blamed his failures on coaching, brought down a player who hasn't been drafted yet and whined about how the media didn't treat him right. He's shown that he can be self-serving and phony. Yet he made it through 13 NFL seasons without the press calling him on it."

Thirteen seasons…that's what it takes to make the truth known? Most were under the impression that McNabb was mistakenly under-valued by the Eagles and treated poorly by their fans. It's now easier to understand where those hard stances were coming from; especially considering his time here in Washington.

When asked if he had an ax to grind he said, "I do but I don't." So that mean's he does, right? He wouldn't say that Robert Griffin III would be a bad fit unless that was the case. Griffin is an incoming rookie, who the Redskins gave up a whole lot to acquire, yet McNabb believes that RG3 would be misused, as he was.

Regardless of whether the Redskins would or wouldn't change their offense—and of course they will—that statment becomes just as much shot at Griffin. Does McNabb believe that because HE couldn't effectively run the offense (and stay in shape), that Robert Griffin III won’t be able to either?

The Redskins will actually play next year…Donovan McNabb probably won't. Ant that idea is only strengthened if he continues to play the victim card—gig's up.

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