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Washington Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen Needs to Begin His Off-Season Draft Proposals Now

January 5th, 2012 at 8:53 AM
By Josh McCain

Since his arrival in Washington D.C. there has been debate as to what purpose, exactly, that Bruce Allen fulfills. Sure he has the title of General Manager which is supposed to be the guy who picks the talent for a team, but many have hinted that in reality Mike Shanahan is the guy behind the scenes picking what players he wants and Bruce is simply a numbers guy who has to make the moves that Shanny wants.

For the reality of this upcoming draft it doesn't matter which role Bruce Allen holds, whether he's a true GM or just a figure head for Mike Shanahan. This draft everyone and their grandmother knows that the Redskins need to and should draft a quarterback.

The second the top five draft order was set at the conclusion of last week's games Bruce Allen should have been working the phone like Brad Pitt did while portraying Oakland A's GM Billy Beane in the movie Moneyball. Of course with the play-offs a week away Bruce can't make any actual trades but he can certainly start greasing the wheels and getting deals in place.

If you follow me on Twitter (@jomac006, and you should be) you'll know I was rooting heavily last week for the Rams to lose (which they did) and for the Colts to win (which they did not) because I'm in the belief that the Rams are indeed happy with Sam Bradford and won't be drafting a quarterback.

The Colts on the other hand are a wild card. They have Peyton Manning under contract but at the same time he missed this entire season with a neck injury and no one knows if he'll be back. And, even if he comes back, how long will he last. The Colts do need to start thinking about the future.

The popular belief has been that the Colts would risk offending Manning (and possibly cutting him) in order to draft Andrew Luck. However, this week alone has given me reason to doubt that this will actually happen.

The first event was on Monday when Colt's owner Jim Irsay fired his vice-chairman Bill Polian and GM Chris Polian. Since it became clear to everyone that the Colts would hold the first pick in the draft Bill Polian seemed to be hinting at an Indianapolis Colts team without Peyton Manning. It has long been known that Irsay is a Manning guy. In fact I'll go as far to say that Manning is a like a son to Irsay. If you don't believe me check out Irsay's Twitter account, you'd think he was Manning's agent.

The firing of the Polians says to me that Irsay was never onboard the "Get rid of Manning for Luck" ship. Of course this doesn't mean that the Colts won't draft Luck, but like many have said it is going to be rough waters for the Colts if they begin the season with both Manning and Luck on the roster, namely because both will be disgruntled that the other is his teammate.

The second thing to happen to make me believe that Luck isn't a lock at number one for the Colts is that on the Dan Patrick Show former Colts head coach Tony Dungy said he'd take Baylor quarterback Robert Griffen III over Luck.

Yes Dungy is a former Colts coach but Irsay respects Dungy's opinion so much that he hired Dungy's woeful assistant Jim Caldwell to replace Dungy as the teams head coach when Dungy retired. If Irsay is willing to put his team in the hands of a clueless and unqualified head coach off of Dungy's recommendation then thinking that he'd draft a quarterback based on what Dungy said on the radio isn't that big of a leap. 

So what does all of this mean for the Redskins? Well what it means is either the number pick in the draft could be up for grabs or the Redskins really need to trade with the Rams for the number two spot and they need to do as soon as possible.

As I said above the Rams seem content with their young quarterback but many analysts have said that Andrew Luck is the type of player you draft whether you need a quarterback or not. So if the Colts decide that they want to make Griffen the number one overall pick in the draft the Rams may decide to draft Luck anyway.

Bruce Allen needs to be on the phone with both the Rams GM and Jim Irsay trying to work something out. As a fan I'd prefer the Skins to somehow work they're way up to the number one spot (and trust me when I say that I'd be willing to pay whatever price) but number two wouldn't be to bad either.

At one the Redskins would have their pick of quarterbacks. If Shanny wants Luck he can have Luck and if he wants Griffen then he's there too. At the number two pick you get the Colts left overs, but if the Colts take their former coach's advice and pass on Luck then, well, the Redskins just hit the lottery and probably saved a lot in the process.

The off-season can be very unpredictable and a lot can change between now and the draft but I'm willing to make a bold prediction and that is the Redskins will not draft any later than the second pick in the first round come April and that all of us will be on a waiting list for either an Andrew Luck or Robert Griffen III jersey that afternoon.

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