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Washington Redskins: Tight End Fred Davis and Left Tackle Trent Williams Suspended for the Remainder of the Season

December 5th, 2011 at 8:18 AM
By Josh McCain

The Washington Post is reporting that tight end Fred Davis and left tackle Trent Williams will be suspended by the NFL this week for failing repeated drug tests.

Davis and Williams were apart of an 11 player group that failed a drug test (though not confirmed the drug in question appears to be marijuana) shortly after reporting to training camp. The league and the Players' Association have been in discussions since August on what to do with those 11 players. The two sides were discussing a grace period for those players since their activities came during the lockout.

As a result nine of the 11 players will not be punished. Davis and Williams are because they later failed that same drug test during the season.

Getting rid of all the politics involved with whether marijuana should be legal or not is irrelevant here, that fact is that it is illegal and against the NFL rules that are agreed upon by the players through their union.

Both Davis and Williams knowingly broke those rules (and laws) during the lockout and even after testing positive they were given a second chance but still chose to blatantly ignore those rules and have now gotten themselves suspended.

Luckily for them the Redskins' season was over pretty much a month ago, but still, how do you explain to your teammates that you won't be there for the last four games of the season because you were selfish and felt the need to take drugs? Shot, how do they explain it just to quarterback Rex Grossman? He'll be the one feeling it the most when these two aren't on the field for the final four games considering Williams is his blindside blocker and Davis has become his favorite pass catcher.

Also, what if the Redskins hadn't had such a monumental collapse after the bye-week and were in the hunt for a wild card spot?

It's selfishness like this that has not only begun to shape the NFL but professional sports in general. Players choosing to do selfish things (drugs, clubs, alcohol, and other iffy choices) instead of doing right by their teammates. We hear the cliche time and time again in sports that these guys aren't just teammate but family and they're there for one another but time and time again we see a lot of players do stupid things to hurt their team and teammates.

Both players now have two strikes against them when it comes to testing for illegal substances and their next failed test will lead to a year long suspension.   This black cloud hurts Davis most of all since he'll be a free agent this off-season and any NFL team (including the Redskins) will more than likely not offer him the contract his playing deserves since he's one screw up away from being gone for a year.

Sometimes it can be tough to see the consequences of one's actions but a good rule of thumb is, if your employer conducts random drug tests, doing any prohibited drugs will get you caught and in trouble. 

Hopefully Davis and Williams have learned their lessons and when 2012 rolls around they and the Redskins can start on the right foot and continue building this team into a champion.

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