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Phillip Daniels Speaks Out About His Year as the Washington Redskins’ Director of Player Development

July 3rd, 2014 at 9:37 AM
By Zach Powell

One of the biggest complaints coming out of the Washington Redskins front office over the past several years has been the lack of former players wanting to come back and be a part of the team.  Former defensive end Phillip Daniels broke the mold and was hired as the team's director of player development. 

Daniels recently spoke about his experience working with the Redskins:

“There’s a lot of things that other people in my position on other teams, they got,” he said. “I just say it like this: I never had a budget or anything like that. I never had that. I couldn’t do things for the guys’ families that I wanted to do. I wanted to help the guys out in every way possible. There were a lot of ideas I had that could have made things a lot better for the players and their families, and I just couldn’t do that.” 

The former Redskin also said that he'd never met with former head coach Mike Shanahan or general manager Bruce Allen while employed by the team.

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Washington Redskins’ to Expand Robert Griffin III’s Control Over Offense by Adding Audibles

July 2nd, 2014 at 11:51 AM
By Zach Powell

Washington Redskins' new head coach Jay Gruden had one major objective this offseason and it was obvious from the beginning: gain the trust of his quarterback.  Robert Griffin III's relationship was basically nonexistent with former head coach Mike Shanahan by the end of the season and it showed on the field.  Enter Gruden, who has tirelessly worked to win-over the team's franchise quarterback and will now add even more responsibility to Griffin's shoulders.

Robert Griffin III from Flickr via Wylio

© 2012 Keith Allison, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio[/caption]

Gruden will allow Griffin the opportunity to adjust the offensive play call for the first time in his career.

The debate between armchair quarterbacks and NFL coaching staffs nearly came to a head last season as team's tried to decide if Griffin was going to be an actual behind-the-center quarterback or was simply an athlete that had a cannon for an arm.  Shanahan insisted that the only way for Griffin to be effective was to continue and run the read-option play when it was obvious that the quarterback hadn't recovered the burst that made him so effective as a rookie two seasons ago.  The blame doesn't solely belong on Shanahan's shoulders as it was obvious that something wasn't entirely right with the second year pro.

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Washington Redskins Fight the Patent Office for the Trademark Nickname

June 18th, 2014 at 7:57 PM
By Marty Simpkins

The United States Patent Office has decided to cancel six trademark registrations attached to the Redskins' nickname. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled that the Redskins trademarks were "disparaging to Native Americans at the respective times they were registered." This is the latest battle in an ongoing war between the Washington Redskins football franchise and the United States government. 

'Washington Redskins v. Jacksonville Jaguars' photo (c) 2006, Mark Brennan - license:

Bob Raskopf, the Redskins' trademark attorney, released a statement at 12:30 p.m. this afternoon saying the following:

"We are confident we will prevail once again, and that the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s divided ruling  will be overturned on appeal. This case is no different than an earlier case, where the Board canceled the Redskins’ trademark registrations, and where a federal district court disagreed and reversed the Board."

There was more to the statement, but the bottom line is that the Washington Redskins still refuse to change their nickname. These trademark cancelations imposed by the U.S. Patent Office will not affect the Redskins name to be changed immediately.

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The Washington Redskins Conclude Organized Team Activities

June 13th, 2014 at 12:01 PM
By Marty Simpkins

The Washington Redskins wrapped up their OTAs yesterday and answered a few questions about the team's direction heading into training camp. Head coach Jay Gruden got a good feeling of what his team is going to look like after running the players through various drills. There are also still some concerns about the Redskins and what kind of changes they need to make in order to get ready for the upcoming 2014 season.

'Robert Griffin III' photo (c) 2012, Keith Allison - license:

DeSean Jackson injured his hamstring in one of the practices and has been limited since. However, Jackson told the media that he is fine and will be ready to go for training camp. Robert Griffin III has been working closely with Gruden as far as changing his mechanics and his delivery on his throwing motion. Griffin has had a better offseason in terms of tweaking his game to compliment Gruden's offensive schemes. 

Speaking of Gruden's offense, the Redskins have been working more on red-zone situations in practice. Griffin worked on checking down to his running backs and getting rid of the ball early. If the Redskins can score, it will put a lot less pressure on their defense.

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Utilizing Santana Moss in the Washington Redskins’ Crowded Receiving Corps

June 9th, 2014 at 1:04 PM
By Marty Simpkins

Two years ago, Santana Moss was a reliable target for the rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. That year, he had 41 catches for 573 yards and 8 touchdowns. Those touchdowns were the most by the veteran receiver since his first year with the Redskins back in 2005. Now, Moss is 35 years old and is fighting for a roster spot on a team that already has Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts. Last season's stats won't help Moss' chances as he only had two touchdowns the whole year and he also dropped a lot of passes. 

'Santana Moss' photo (c) 2006, Keith Allison - license:

However, head coach Jay Gruden is optimistic about Moss' chances on making the team. He talked about Moss' performance during the offseason and thinks that he can still contribute to his new offense. 

“He’s fun to be around, he’s fun to watch, he knows every position,” Gruden said. “He looks like a young kid. He’s got energy, he’s a great leader. If he drops a pass he holds himself accountable. If the quarterback misses him he’s like, ‘Let’s get onto the next one, man.’ He’s a great guy to have for these young guys to learn from. He’s working out hard. He’s the first one out there today again. I like having guys like that, veteran guys who are great examples for rookies and also can help you win in big games.” (Credit:
Judging from Gruden's evaluation on the veteran wide receiver, there's a strong chance that Moss will still be playing for the Redskins in 2014. If he does, he will be fighting for the fourth receiver spot on the depth chart. The other receivers he has to compete with are much younger guys like Leonard Hankerson, Nick Williams and rookie draft pick Ryan Grant. Hankerson is good when he is on the field, but the problem is his health. There is much concern on whether he will play on opening day of the 2014 season. There's also Aldrick Robinson, but he is a situational receiver that only runs deep routes and has 29 career receptions in just two seasons. 
At this point, Moss is being used as insurance for the other receivers and will look to serve as a mentor role for the younger guys like Jackson, Roberts and Grant. In this brand new offense that Gruden has planned, you never know how Moss will be used. With assuring words from the head coach, Griffin could still be hooking with with Moss later on this year.
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